50m Free Blasts Complete Beijing Form Guide
Craig Lord
And that concludes the pre-Games entertainment folks! Bousquet and Cielo move up with times of 21.53 and 21.75 in Atlanta.

Beyond the 400m freestyle for women at the ASA National Championships in Liverpool, England, where Rebecca Adlington set a Commonwealth record of 4:02.80 in the 400m freestyle and teammate Joanne Jackson joined the sub-4:05 club, one other event altered the world top 10, 2008, ranking list over the weekend.

Fred Bousquet (FRA) and Cesar Cielo (BRA) raced to times of 21.53 and 21.75 in the 50m free at a meet in Atlanta - and that is likely to complete the pre-Beijing form guide.

The 50m free now looks like this heading into the Olympic Games:

21.28 Sullivan (AUS)
21.38 Leveaux (FRA)
21.47 Weber-Gale (USA)
21.50 Bernard (FRA)
21.53 Bousquet (FRA)*
21.59 Jones (USA)*
21.65 Wildman-Tobriner (USA)
21.75 Cielo (BRA)
21.89 Hall (USA)*
21.90 Schoeman (RSA)
* - will not get to swim the race in Beijing under the two per nation rule

Here's the current all-time top 10:

21.28 Sullivan 2008
21.38 Leveaux 2008
21.47 Weber-Gale 2008
21.50 Bernard 2008
21.53 Bousquet 2008
21.59 Jones 2008
21.64 Popov 2000
21.65 Wildman-Tobriner 2008
21.69 Schoeman 2005
21.75 Cielo (BRA) 2008
Reducing two sprint greats to 13th and 14th all-time, 18 year on:
13th 21.81 Jager (USA)
14th 21.85 Biondi (USA)

And here's how that list looked before the attack of the bodysuits, February 2008:

21.64 Popov (RUS)
21.69 Schoeman (RSA)
21.76 Hall (USA)
21.76 Bernard (FRA)
21.80 Ervin (USA)
21.80 Wildman-Tobriner (USA)
21.81 Jager (USA)
21.82 Jones (USA)
21.84 Cielo (BRA)
21.85 Biondi (USA)

SwimNews will soon start a series of event-by event Olympic, showing where the world has got to since Melbourne 2007.