FINA WC Day 3 - Women's Water Polo Match 15 & 16
Match 15, Women 18:30, 15.07.03

Match 15, Women 18:30, 15.07.03
Quarters: 4-4, 4-2, 1-2, 1-3

Referees: Boris Margeta (SLO), Zoran Tomic (CRO)

ITALY: Francesca Conti, Martina Miceli (1), Carmela Allucci (1), Silvia Bosurgi (1), Erika Lava, Manuela Zanchi, Tania Di Mario (2), Cinzia Ragusa (2), Giusy Malato (2), Alexandra Araujo, Maddalena Musumeci, Melania Greco (1), Noemi Toth
Coach: Pierluigi Formiconi

HUNGARY: Ildiko Zirighne Sos, Zsuzsanna Tiba (1), Anett Gyore, Dora Kisteleki, Mercedes Stieber, Kata Redei, Rita Dravucz (1), Erzebet Valkay, Krisztina Szremko, Aniko Pelle (1), Agnes Valkay (4), Agnes Primasz (4), Patricia Horvath
Coach: Tamas Farago

This was the match everyone had come to watch, the clash of the champions. World Cup champion Hungary versus World champion Italy and the Agnes brigade, Valkay and Primasz, scored four goals each. The match started at a cracking pace, ending seven minutes 4-4 after Italy shot out of the blocks 3-1. Hungary had a brief flirt with the lead at the start of the second quarter but it was short-lived as Italy went 7-5 ahead. The halftime scored read 8-6 to Italy. Hungary made some headway in the third to be just 9-8 down with Primasz scoring her third and Agnes Valkay, dragging in a second. Coach Tamas Farago did the talk at the break and Valkay, Zsuzsanna Tiba and Valkay again, for her fourth, had Hungary 11-9 up. Cinzia Ragusa dragged one back for Italy but was ejected with 26 seconds left, allowing Hungary to have a timeout and control the ball until the hooter.

Match 16, Women 19:45, 15.07.03
Quarters: 2-1, 2-1, 0-1, 3-1

Referees: Radu Matache (ROM), Wim Keman (AHO)

SPAIN: Cristina Ungo de Velasco, Mireia Ventura, Sara Dominguez, Mariona Ribera, Merce Valles (2), Belen Sanchez, Cristina Lopez (1), Anna Pardo, Anna Ramirez (4), Elisabeth Fuentes, Blanca Gil, Jennifer Pareja, Patricia Del Soto
Coach: Gaspar Ventura

KAZAKHSTAN: Galina Rytova, Irina Tolkunova, Tatyana Gubina, Anna Zubkova, Svetlana Koroleva (4), Natalya Galkina, Alexandra Zarkova, Natalya Krassilinikova, Assel Jakayeva, Marina Gritsenko, Alyona Klimenko, Natalya Ignatyeva, Natalya Kutuzova
Coach: Andrey Sazykin

Anna Ramirez deserves a public holiday named after her following her four-goal haul in a spirited victory over Kazakhstan. Spain scored in the first attack through Merce Valles to set the crowd alight but Svetlana Koroleva returned the compliment on penalty soon after. Cristina Lopez saw to it that Spain led 2-1 at the break from left-hand catch. Koroleva levelled the game with a lob and Anna Ramirez scored on extra for a 3-2 lead for the home team. Then Kazakhstan sprayed a penalty attempt and, on the counter, Ramirez accepted a dry pass, turned and scored, 12 seconds from the half. Three minutes into the third period, Koroleva netted a third goal straight after the ejection. Ramirez scored a brilliant third goal, coming from under water in two metres, 5:34 in the final quarter. Valles scored on counter and Koroleva lobbed her fourth goal for 7-4.

Points after two days:
Group A: AUS 4 (+21), CAN 4 (+20), BRA 0 (-14), GBR 0 (-27)
Group B: RUS 4 (+28), NED 4 (+26), JPN 0 (-21), VEN 0 (-33)
Group C: USA 4 (+15), GER 4 (+12), GRE 0 (-5), FRA 0 (-22)
Group D: HUN 4 (+10), ITA 2 (+4), ESP 2 (-6), KAZ 0 (-8)